Coupons Codes that Will change you From Buying at Entertainment Earth


The Entertainment Earth website is one of the most fun novelty gift shopping sites I’ve found. You can search by company, theme and product type. It’s perfect for fans with geeky taste as there are bountiful idea’s for Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Super Hero and Fantasy fans. But I admit I was pleasantly surprised that they also had so many gift idea’s that are non-geek related. There are tons of toys, television themed, movie themed, and pop culture gift merchandise that would appeal to a lot of people.

My views on buying from Entertainment Earth

This site has things you would never stumble on anywhere else. When I clicked on a featured “music” link on their website, I had no idea how much fun I would have exploring. First of all I discovered the game Trivial Pursuit-Classic Rock Edition. As I scrolled down I noticed the merchandise was organized by band logo’s, that’s when I clicked on Michael Jackson. There were the costumes as one might expect of the Thriller Jacket, Fedora Hat, Sunglasses, and Military Printed Jacket, then I discovered an action figure unlike any I have seen before. An advanced articulated action figure of Michael Jackson! The figure is 5 1/2 inches tall, highly detailed, with interchangeable facial expressions, hand parts & accessories.

The Pop-culture Menu may surprise you with the options they have I clicked on Sleeping Beauty and found a high quality Disney Traditions Maleficent Carved 8 inch Statue. It shows Maleficent as she reigns from her dragon throne. Back in the 1990’s the Disney Store carried high end collectibles like this statue. Now I have to search online to find such treasures. The site has a variety of selected film cells which are framed. I had not seen these anywhere else before discovering them here. The Sleeping Beauty Series 3 Special Edition Mini Cell is one frame, and hand selected from reels of film. This means each cell is unique! The mini cell appears with another larger image from the movie, is double mounted and placed within a black wood frame. I had also noted that the Michael Jackson products page had a couple of film cells available (Get the Entertainment Earth Coupon Discounts).
Not only do I find great ideas for myself, there are so many ideas for the kids. Because I know my son enjoys Despicable Me I went to the “Shop By Theme” menu and selected “Despicable Me” from the drop down menu. They had many ideas to choose from including the Minions Movie Eye Matie Pop! Vinyl Figure. My son likes pirates so I know he would love this There was also the Despicable Me Play-Doh Making Mayhem featuring Minions. It comes with 3 book-molds. Then you decide whether you want 1 eye or 2. Finally you get to customize your Minions with 6 accessory plate disguises including golf, fireman, or maid.

For Geeks and Nerds

People will often ask me for gift idea’s for the family during the Holiday’s. I have a habit of collecting links to the kinds of gifts I would like for myself and my family. Entertainment Earth has endless ideas for geeks, freaks, kids, music and movie lovers.

Self Cleaning Litter Box Information

Preface: a special thanks to the google plus cat community for informing me of these amazing appliances.

Cats are beautiful but fussy animals that many of us have as house pets. Obviously we all know what a pain it can be to clean up after one Yes we have litter boxes but who has the time to keep scooping up the litter ? Well, that is where the Self Cleaning litter box comes to your rescue. This ingenious product as the name suggests automatically cleaning the waste after your cat.
Talk about relief from scooping up after your cat. But that’s not all, it contains the odor(smell) in the box so your cat can go anytime and for as many times as it wants without you having a stinking joint.

It basically scoops up the clumps of litter from the box and automatically sends it to a sealed container after the cat has used it While some of these spectacular litter boxes have a timer sensor set for 5, 10 or 15 mins, the others have there own way to ensure a hassle free experience for raking of the litter box. This product is strong, solid and durable. Many have a wall design built to stop the kicking cats from kicking litter out of the box. In addition, there are individual functions that handle the waste(i.e. the cat’s feces and urine) separately in a very efficient manner.

By purchasing this, you not only allow yourself to focus on other tasks at home, but also give your cat its very own personal space to freshen up. Because lets face it, who like to go in the open. Not me!!Now while thinking of purchasing this litter box many questions might cross your head like

– ‘Which product suits my cat?” or “But when the cat comes out, is the litter tracked outside?” or even ‘Will I be able to configure and operate this?” “Is this portable?”

Now let me clear these out for you:

Yes, depending on the product that you select, the product is portable.( Available for home use or outdoor/trip use).Operating this is very easy as the name suggests and it is configured in such a way that it controls the tracking of litter outside of the box.The range of these products are now available on all major online shopping sites or you can simply Google “Self cleaning litter box” and choose one which fits your cat’s and your requirements perfectly.

For example:

If you want this product for outside use only, then go for a product that you can easily use on the go. So as I finally conclude that, the Self Cleaning litter box is an innovative and a much needed idea well materialized. For all cat lovers, it will not only save time and effort but also is handy while going on a trip with your feline friend. This product will:- give a break to busy cat owners from tedious regular litter cleaning.

– No more get smelly surprises round the corner of the house.

– allow owners to actually spend quality time with their cats, co’z after all you gotta love them… don’t ya? I strongly recommend purchasing this litter box right away!


If you have any questions or feedback about Gated Community, The Atlantic Theater, or would like us to come and perform at your next function, please use the following contact information to be in touch:

Gated Community Improvisation
6743 West Indiantown Road #34
Jupiter, Florida 33458

561.575.3271 Phone
561.575.9077 Fax

Frank Licari
Travis Thomas
Jesse Furman

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What is Gated Community Corporate Training?
Corporate training is more than trendy “catch words” and “trust falls,” it requires a total commitment from you and your entire team. It may even mean looking at your corporate culture and giving it an overhaul.

There are plenty of corporate training programs out there that will entertain your team for a few hours, but when it is all said and done, will your staff be able to incorporate these new ideas back into their work?

The Corporate Training Instructors from Gated Community will help your team see and experience practical ideas and tools that work in any business arena. Whether your need is team building, effective listening, being more proactive, creativity, communication, or “out-of-box” thinking, we can demonstrate and provide your team with the tools through our results-oriented training.

What do actors know about the corporate world?
Great question! The beautiful thing about our Training Instructors is that they all have a wide variety of corporate experience, both in the public, private, and non-profit sector. They also have the benefit of being professional performers who have been able to incorporate the principles of improvisation into the corporate environment. The skills required for quality improvisation are no different than what it takes to create a cohesive and successful team (and the same goes for improving any relationship in your life). What it boils down to is a skill set of qualities. Qualities that lead to success!

Can we customise our training to your specific needs?
We better be able to, or don’t hire us. Our goal is to work closely with you and find out what the key need or needs are for your business or team. Once we have a better understanding of your situation, we can then craft a workshop that meets your specific needs. Our presentation entails a variety of elements including written sketch, interactive exercises for you and your staff, and entertaining performance pieces that further elaborate the key needs at hand. Will your staff be entertained? Yes! Will they have new tools and ideas that can be incorporate right away? Guaranteed!

How long do our sessions last?
As long as you need! A typical training session lasts 3 hours, but we are flexible and prepared to customise a session lasting as short as 20 minutes or as long as a couple of days.

Where will the training take place?
From our experience, getting away from the everyday work environment is key for maximising a team-building event. No stacks of paper, ringing phones, or other reminders of impending work to distract from the training. Instead, your team training session can be held at our 200 seat full-scale theater located in Jupiter, Florida. Depending on your training needs, our theater can accommodate live performances and presentations as well as a large screen for video and DVD presentations. The seats can be arranged for large group conversations and smaller breakout sessions. Catering can also be arranged.

If it does not make sense for you to bring your team to us, our trainers will happily come to you! We will customise a session that will work specifically in your workspace, conference, or retreat.

When can we do it?
Morning, afternoon, evening, weekends…whenever is best for you – we can do it! We will always work with you to schedule the best mutual date and time. Our training sessions are based on date, trainer and space availability. So, if you are seriously thinking about Gated Community Corporate Training – give us a call and so we can get you booked!


Need entertainment for your next Company or Private Show?
Let Gated Community Improvisation rock your next par-tay!

Gated Community Improvisation offers a high-energy comedy experience like you have never seen…and now…we will bring our show on the road. So, whether you are planning the perfect ending to a corporate function, looking for a unique twist to your holiday party, or are looking to bring something fresh to your college campus – we are the show for you!

Can we customise our show for your event?
We would have it no other way! We will work with you (or the event coordinator) well in advance of the show to figure out the theme or focus of the event or party. Then, based on the information we gather we will be able to craft a mixture of improvisation, sketch, and video to best fit your needs. Plus, we could even write and create an original sketch specifically for your party…how cool is that?

What about our place?
Nothing beats the atmosphere of being able to perform in our 200-seat theater with elevated theater style seating. If you want to bring your company or party to our space, the entire theater and show can be rented out for your function. Need food and drink? We can provide that as well and will work with you on your specific catering needs.

Have comedy – will travel! But, if you already have the location, we are fully prepared and capable to bring our show to you.

When should you schedule your event?
As soon as possible! We can do the show anyplace and anytime…as long as we are available. So, if you are interested in booking a show, or just want more information…give us a call!



The Atlantic Theater is the home for Gated Community Improvisation. The Atlantic Theater is located in Jupiter, Florida inside the Atlantic Arts Academy.

The Atlantic Theater is a professional theater striving to bring seldom produced dramatic and comedic “straight” plays to the stage; plays that are story and character driven; plays that provoke and inspire; plays that challenge the actors as well as the audience.

The theater is also home to live music, specifically geared towards showcasing local singer/songwriters; live comedy; dance performances; children’s theater; art exhibits, etc. The Atlantic Theater strives to bring an eclectic mix of quality arts and entertainment to the South Florida area.
The Atlantic Theater is a 225-seat theater equipped with a 1000sq foot playing area as well as a professional lighting and sound system, comfortable cushioned seating, and air conditioning. The theater has ample dressing room space to house performers, and there are bathrooms conveniently located near the rear audience entrance at the back of the theater.



The Atlantic Theater
6743 West Indiantown Road #34
Jupiter, Florida 33458
561.575.3271 Phone
561.575.9077 Fax

From I-95 /Turnpike

Take I-95 or Turnpike Northbound or Southbound to Indiantown Road. Go east on Indiantown Road to the second light; take a left into Jupiter West Plaza. The Atlantic Theater is located toward the western end of the plaza.

From US Route 1

Take Route 1 Northbound or Southbound to Indiantown Road. Go west on Indiantown Road and travel approximately 2 miles. You will come to a light at Central Boulevard; Jupiter West Plaza is on the right after the light. Take a right into the plaza; The Atlantic Theater is located toward the western end of the plaza.

Click here for map


Frank has been a professional actor for over 12 years.  He was a cast member of the Obie and Drama Desk Award winning Off-Broadway show, Blue Man Group.  He has been in over 40 Stage Plays in NYC, Boston and Chicago.   His TV Credits include Law & Order and CBS’S Dellaventura starring Danny Aiello.  His film work has been featured at N.Y. and L.A. International Film Festivals. He has also done Commercials, Voice-Over and Industrials for companies such as Staples, Fleet Bank, GNC & Big Brother Association.  Frank is also an award winning director and playwright winning The Sears Drama Festival and Village Gate One-Act Festival (NYC) with his original works, which he starred in and directed. He is also an accomplished singer/musician playing acoustic and bass guitar, piano and percussion.  His most recent feature film Fallen, directed by Ari Taub has earned international success at numerous film festivals.

He holds his Certificate in Theater from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, NYC


Jesse Furman is an Acting Instructor at the Atlantic Arts Academy, and is proud to be a founding member of Gated Community.  He has been teaching and performing for the past three years.  His acting credits include: 6 years with The Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival, the Spotlite Players, and 5 years with Northstage.  Over the last 2 years he has had the privilege to assistant direct and perform with The Atlantic Theater, appearing in Misery as Paul Sheldon and A Christmas Carol as Jacob Marley.  His film credits include roles as Frank Drevin in Scary Tales 2, and as Prowler in Christian Soldiers.


Travis is new to South Florida and has been an Acting Instructor for the Atlantic Arts Academy for the past year. He spent the past 5 years in Boston where he performed for the nationally recognized Improv Asylum. He is a member of the first ever graduating class of the Improv Asylum Training Center, and from there was cast into the Improv Asylum Touring Company. Over those 5 years he progressed to the Improv Asylum NET cast, finally ending with the Improv Asylum Main Stage Cast. He performed in hundreds of shows with the Improv Asylum as well as serving as an instructor in the Training Center and assisting in Corporate Training workshops.

Travis is the former Community Supervisor for where he hosted and moderated hundreds of online events, as well as numerous live video and audio Webcasts. Most recently he hosted and moderated the Worldblu Forum for Organizational Democracy in Washington DC. He enjoys working from home with his wife and two kids.
Also Featuring…

Brad Barfield
Paul Czajkowski
Stacey Glazer
Kelly Greene
Carrie Gregory
Nicole Mason
James Todd

About Us

We take comedy seriously! Thus is the motto of Gated Community Improvisation, as well as the underlying attitude for all activities of The Atlantic Theater and the Atlantic Arts Academy. We strive to bring you a professional theater experience, whether it is comedy, drama, music, or any of the arts.

Gated Community Improvisation is the creation of Frank Licari, Travis Thomas, and Jesse Furman. The goal of Gated Community is to provide a professional, unique, and hilarious comedy experience based on sketch and live improvisation.

Frank Licari is the owner of The Atlantic Theater and the Atlantic Arts Academy in Jupiter, Florida. He spent 12+ years in New York City as a professional actor performing in over 40 plays, TV, film, as well as being a member of the highly-acclaimed Blue Man Group. Frank has been in Jupiter for just over 4 years now.

In early 2004, Travis Thomas moved to Florida after a near 5-year stint with the Improv Asylum in Boston, MA. The Improv Asylum has been recognized nationally for their high quality shows, and has been named “Best Comedy Show” in Boston numerous times. Once Frank and Travis met, it didn’t take long before the two were planning a show experience unique to South Florida.

The final piece of this three-headed monster is Jesse Furman. Jesse is the good ol’ boy of the group, the local blood, and one of the most physical performers you will find. In addition to being an Atlantic Arts Academy instructor, Jesse is involved in the public relations and creative development of the theater. Jesse’s acting resume brings a wide variety of expertise to the Gated Community.

Quite honestly…we hate bad comedy! We hate bad theater! Don’t be offended, we’re not pointing any fingers, but we have seen enough to know that really good comedy or theater is hard to find. When you come and see Gated Community Improvisation, we want you to feel that you were part of an experience, and that you witnessed something you had never seen before. Our mix of sketch, improvisation, music, and video will hopefully leave you excited about the possibilities of live theater. If we don’t live up to our goal, let us know…and heads will roll!

Remember, we take comedy seriously…very seriously!